How the Social Media has …and still is Changing Our Careers

With the power to connect and communicate with thousands of people at the touch of a button, the social media is proving to be a powerful tool in many ways. One cannot overlook or just wish away its effect on our society. If embraced, it has power to change our society and the way we look at and do things. This change is already being felt in many areas of our social, personal and professional lives and more is expected. The continued use of the various social media platforms has really affected and revolutionized a number of careers and more is expected.

Journalism is one of the careers that have been really affected by social media. Journalism relies on the dissemination of news and informing the people. This role has also been taken over by social media in many ways. It is easy for people to post videos or pictures of things happening as they are happening. This is made easy by the fact that all one needs is to take the photo or video and upload it. One may not need any specialized training in photography for instance to take a photo or shoot a short video- a simple phone with a camera and enough memory will do the trick. Sharing on social media is made even easier by the presence of smart televisions and phones. One can watch the uploaded video or photo on television. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also have the live streaming option. An event can easily be streamed live on the social media platforms. Before journalists arrive anywhere there may be people who are already on the ground with their smart phones. This has necessitated a change of tact for the media houses where they involve their viewers.CNN for instance has time for the I-news where the viewers post their videos and photos. Also, there are a number of job opportunities that rose with the continued use of social media. Media houses are employing tech savvy people to make their presence be felt on social media. They even have social media editors just to be sure that whatever the people get on social media is controlled and professionally done. This will distinguish them from the many ‘amateur journalists’ on social media.

Sales and marketing is another area that social media has made its footprint. Companies are finding the ready market on social media significant and easy to reach. There are many pages dedicated to companies’ that want to be noticed. From watches, to consumer electronics and even cars, the social media has a market ready to be persuaded. With the many features that the electronic devices used on social media offering the potential marketers, videos, photos and even animated clips are made specifically for the social media audience. Animators and software professionals are employed just to get the best videos and pictures for the promotion of products on what is turning out to be a very competitive stage on social media. The youth are the ones mostly targeted, as they are the most avid social media users. People with huge followings for instance on Instagram and Facebook are also making money when they use their pages to market for specific producers and manufacturers for a fee. With increased digitization, companies are finding social media a platform to improve their products as there is immediate feedback if you can get traffic to your site.

Social media activities have also affected the electronic goods manufacturers in a big way specially those dealing with phones. The phones are now being produced with a higher power camera and memory capacity. The gadgets have also been enabled to easily edit and upload the media. This is in line with making the social media experience for those getting the gadgets easier and worthwhile while trying to establish their brands as ‘user friendly.’ Phones such as Huawei and Tecno brands are coming up with even dual lens cameras to make the photography better- thanks to the desire to share on social media.

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